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We believe that our curriculum should be aspirational, engaging and accessible to all.

Our curriculum journey is a narrative, a story behind the most powerful and important knowledge that helps us to be successful and understand the world around us. It is designed so that the most important information is identified as end points, key threshold concepts that are built upon as our students develop through the school. Students know why they are learning this key information and can articulate where it fits into their learning journey, describing links to previous learning and how they can continue to improve their knowledge and skills acquisition. They can make connections from previous learning and across subjects. These are explored and widened throughout a seven-year journey as students build their understanding of the world through our carefully sequenced curriculum.

Our qualifications are a diverse and broad offer, supporting students to follow whatever career they may wish, and even for the ones that may not yet exist. Because of this, our relentless focus on metacognition, communication skills and character building through PRIDE will allow them to be prepared for any eventuality. 




Our expert implementation will encourage students to discuss, engage with and explore their learning, whilst retrieval techniques will help retain this fundamental knowledge. Our Bridge programme and its wrap around care ensures students have all they need to make the transition from primary to secondary, equipping them with foundational, essential knowledge that will support them with what they need for the next steps of their education.

We will remove any barriers from them acquiring these skills and our students will read widely with fluency and understanding, be able to articulate high level and subject specific vocabulary and use this to challenge and express a variety of opinions and views.

Our Classics curriculum extends this learning by providing students with etymological and cultural knowledge to access many different subjects. They will experience enrichment opportunities that will help them explore all the world has to offer and ignite their interest in experiences that they may not have had before. Barriers to learning are identified and all students flourish. Our fundamental belief that every child should have a secure grasp of communication skills (reading, writing, oracy and vocabulary) means that we will strive to make sure that no child is left behind.

We teach our students the conventions of discussion and debate with high quality, exploratory talk to promote deeper thinking and internalise metacognitive strategies to lead them to becoming confident, independent learners, able to produce pieces of extended writing that demonstrate high levels of understanding, knowledge and vocabulary. This grounding, which will extend into year 8 allows students to fully access the challenging curriculum for all at KS3. Coupled with support, guidance and a comprehensive and aspirational careers education, students will be well placed to choose their GCSE options.

KS5 provision is an academic offer that will prepare students for the most prestigious universities and a variety of courses.

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