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Year 9 Hub

Following on from their experiences in The Bridge in Year 7 and The Gateway in Year 8, students in Year 9 follow a broad and balanced curriculum of English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Religious Education, French, PE, Art, Design, Music, Drama and PSHE.  Studying a range of subjects in Year 9 enables students to have a better understanding of the subjects they may wish to study at GCSE. 

Tutors, subject staff and members of the pastoral team work closely with students in the lead up to their option selection in order to ensure that they pick the subjects most suitable for them. 

Registrations and assemblies are used to guide students through the option process and our Options Evening enables Year 9 students to explore the range of qualifications available to them, with staff on hand to offer personal support and advice to students and their parents. Independent careers advice is also available to all students during the evening.  

Students learn about education pathways and careers throughout the year as part of the Year 9 Careers programme. Enrichment activities such as school events and visits further add to their understanding of their options beyond school. Students can also put themselves forward for key roles within the school.

In order to ensure all Year 9 students, have excellent communication skills, the development of reading, vocabulary and oracy features throughout the curriculum.  Students are able to articulate their learning journey and continue to develop their vocabulary throughout the academic year supported by staff in lessons and within the tutor programme.  

For students who may still be continuing to struggle to fully access the curriculum, we continue to deliver interventions such as ‘Reading for Inference’ to enable the students to be fully equipped in Year 9 and be ready for their GCSE’s.

The ethos of PRIDE (Perseverance; Respect; Independence; Discipline; Engagement) is fully integrated within the Year 9 curriculum and is at the heart of everything we do. We encourage students to take more responsibility for themselves around school.

Year 9 Hub Team

Year Leader: J Elvidge 
Pastoral Leader: M Tallis
Assistant Headteacher and Director of KS3: A Fawkner