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Year 10 Hub

The learning environment in Year 10 is supportive yet challenging, with a sense that students and their teachers are on an educational journey together. This is the first year of their two-year KS4 journey. Students start preparing for their GCSE examinations in all subjects. The curriculum is as broad as possible to enable the students to make well informed decisions about their academic futures. There are three compulsory subjects, English Language and Literature, Mathematics and Science (combined or triple). Students also study three more subjects as part of their option choices. One of these choices must include History or Geography. All examinations will take place at the end of Year 11. 

Teachers in Year 10 are experts in their curriculum area and use their wealth of skills to ensure that no student is left behind. Oracy, literacy and communication skills are key to this progress, being able to astutely articulate opinions and ideas in whole class discussion and being able to understand the ‘why’ of their learning are all key factors to the continued academic success of the students. 

Students with specific learning needs are well-supported. Where appropriate, we continue with reading interventions, such as Thinking Reading, an intensive reading programme designed to rapidly increase students reading ages within a short period of time.

Pastoral care is central to our ethos. Ensuring all students feel happy and confident as they progress through the key stage is our top priority. The Year 10 team consists of a Year Leader, Pastoral Leader and an experienced tutor team which constitutes the wrap around team. Collectively and in partnership with the Designated Safeguarding Lead, PSHE Lead, an extensive PSHE and Wellbeing Programme is delivered through a rolling programme. These sessions explore topical, age-appropriate issues in the modern world. Through discussion, students develop their understanding of social skills, moral judgements, spiritual beliefs and cultural influences. 

Students have a supportive and robust career programme that tailors to preferences of our students, in order to help support Year 10 students in their career and future choices. This is delivered through various means, including virtual speakers, webinars and videos recorded by professionals from various industries specifically for students at The Hinckley School. 

The ethos of PRIDE (Perseverance; Respect; Independence; Discipline; Engagement) is fully integrated and embedded within the Year 10 curriculum and is at the heart of everything we do. We encourage students to take more responsibility for themselves around school.

Year 10 Hub Team 

Year Leader: H Toor
Pastoral Leader: G Whittingham