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Special Educational Needs and Disabilities 

At The Hinckley School we believe that high quality, inclusive teaching is the first step to ensuring a curriculum which meets the needs and builds in high expectations of all students, delivering an outstanding provision for EAL students and those with SEND. 

We provide an inclusive and supportive environment for all, with staff embodying our school ethos by putting students first, focusing on learning, and ensuring that all barriers to learning are removed, enabling students to succeed by accessing and enjoying a full curriculum alongside tailored support. 

Working closely with The Bridge Team, our team ensure students and their families are supported right from the day they secure a secondary school place with us. All students identified by their primary school, or in some cases by parents, as having a Special Educational Need are allocated a keyworker from our SEND Support Team. Any barriers to learning are identified quickly by our team and appropriate measures taken to remove them.  

We have a strong team of individuals who deliver a variety of intervention programmes to support student’s cognitive, social, and emotional needs. 

Students are consistently supported to ensure they achieve their very best throughout their seven-year journey. We work with parents and external agencies to make sure all of our students are able to progress to positive destinations. 

            Mrs Birks
Director of Inclusion and                 SENDCO

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Director of Inclusion and SENDCO: G Birks
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