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Personal Development and Careers (PDC)

At The Hinckley School our PDC Programme supports students to develop into well-rounded individuals with not only the knowledge base to unlock their full potential, but the personal and life skills required to thrive as a global citizen in our ever-changing modern world. 

Our extensive PDC programme supports students character development throughout their seven-year journey with each year group enjoying a broad, balanced and age appropriate programme. Each class is supported to discuss, debate and explore age appropriate topics with curiosity, sensitivity and maturity. 

Each year group's rich PDC plan can be split into five sections:

  • Living in and contributing to the wider world 
  • Being a productive citizen 
  • Living a safe and healthy lifestyle
  • PRIDE and Seven Year Journey 
  • Unifrog 

If you have any questions about our PDC programme then please contact Mr Boast: 

Our Personal Development and Careers Programme for each year group can be explored in more detail by reviewing our Thematic Model below. This can also be downloaded in full by using the attachment link: