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Lesson Preparation

Here at The Hinckley School we believe parents and carers play a vital role in securing the best possible academic attainment for their children. 

One area that parents and carers have an impact is the support and monitoring of homework, known at The Hinckley School as 'Lesson Preparation', which is regularly set by our subject teachers. It is therefore essential that parents and carers are fully aware and appraised of the homework set for their children so that they are able to oversee completion and offer support and guidance if necessary.

Lesson preparation is designed to be an extension of the classroom curriculum, with students focusing on securing powerful knowledge in preparation for their next lesson. Lesson preparation may involve undertaking background reading, thinking about and responding to some initial questions, or engaging with an educational video/article ready for discussion. 

We must emphasise that The Hinckley School does not expect parents or carers to help their children to complete their lesson preparation. Lesson preparation is set to enable children to practice skills learnt in the classroom and show be completed to a high standard work PRIDE. However, we find that students benefit when parents take an interest in lesson preparation and its timely completion.

If parents or carers have any concerns or questions regarding their child’s lesson preparation please contact your child’s form tutor.