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Ski Trip 2024

Students from six year groups came together over half term to explore the thrills of the Austrian slopes. 

From 17th February to 24th February, students from Year 8 to Year 13 journeyed to the ski resort of  Alpendorf, in Austria, to experience the thrill of skiing and admire the beautiful mountain scenery. This once in a lifetime trip allowed our students to learn new skills, explore a new country, make new friends and create life-long memories to treasure. 

Mr Holmes, Ski Trip Leader said, "We were lucky with the weather, and skied in fabulous sunshine for the first three days over on the Alpendof ski area.  Every student, no matter what their starting ability, took to skiing so well and drastically improved during the trip! Students began on the nursery slopes and by the end of the week all students were good enough to tackle multiple blue runs across the ski area!  It was very exciting to witness the top group experience their first black run (the steepest slopes on the piste!) and tackle it amazingly, all getting down it with no problems at all!"

"On the final day, the snow came down very heavily, which made skiing so much easier and more exciting for those that have never seen thick mountain snow before. This made the last day so memorable for all and made perfect conditions to practice the techniques they learnt throughout the week."

As well as skiing, the trip gave students the chance to experience the Austrian après ski lifestyle, with daily shopping trips around the town of Bischofshofen, bowling, pizza and ice cream nights, and the ever-popular Mountain Rollercoaster at Flachau.

Student's families were kept informed throughout the trip with regular emails, as well as photos and updates posted on the Ski Trip 24 Telegram group. The feedback from the students and their families has been incredible! Parents and carers shared:

  • Good morning! Just wanted to say a huge thank you to all the teachers and school for providing such a fantastic opportunity for (my child) and all other children to go on the ski trip! (my child) simply had the best time and enjoyed every second - she said it was such a fantastic experience and now wants to go skiing every year ( we need to win the lottery! ) Thank you to all the teachers who attended the trip and for giving up your own holiday time - it was certainly worth it as I’m sure just like (my child) all the children had the best time and made memories which will last a lifetime!
  • What a lovely email to receive, looks like you are all having lots of fun , also thank you to you and the staff for giving up your holidays to take them on this amazing trip, enjoy the rest of it. ⛷⛷⛷⛷
  • Thank you so much. We know (my child) is having the best time.  Loving the updates and pictures on Telegram
  • What a lovely email ! Thank you so much for looking after them - looks like they are having a great time ! 

This once in a lifetime positive experience of skiing will stick with the students forever and the staff were thrilled to be part of that.

Mr Holmes shared, "I would like to thank the staff for all their hard work during their week off, and all the students for being such fantastic participants!  We really enjoyed it and look forward to the next trip!"