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Rugby Clash Between The Hinckley School and Lutterworth High School

In a thrilling first rugby encounter between The Hinckley School and Lutterworth High School, both teams showcased exceptional skill and determination, providing the spectators with a memorable spectacle, which ultimately saw The Hinckley School come away with a convincing win, 25-5 (five tries to one)

First Half:
The match kicked off with tremendous energy as both teams fought hard to gain control of the game. The Hinckley School demonstrated early dominance, securing possession and territory with George (Vice
Captain) crossing over the line early on to give The Hinckley School an early lead. As the first half progressed, Lutterworth High School's counter-attacks became more organised, and they managed to break through The Hinckley School's defence with a well-executed play scoring in the corner, despite brilliant cover work from numerous Hinckley players. Hinckley showed clear resilience after conceding and as a group worked their way up the field after a brilliant line break from Oscar, who led by example for the whole match. From here the forwards took control of the final few minutes repeatedly running pick and go and crash balls until finally Oliver broke through the Lutterworth line to score on the brink of half time.   

Half-Time Score: The Hinckley School 10 - 5 Lutterworth High School

Second Half:

As the second half began it was clear that The Hinckley School began to showcase their tremendous power. Early in the half after two huge hits made by LJ and Taiyo, George was able to take his chance when the ball came lose after pressure from Leo, resulting in him crossing over for his second try of the game. The Hinckley School, continued with their physical play with huge tackles and clear outs happening across the pitch. With Hinckley now taking a slight lead, both teams engaged in an intense battle for supremacy. The physicality of the match increased, with strong tackles and strategic kicks contributing to the excitement on the field, most notably when Steven took his chance and made a huge break through the
centres, which resulted in Oliver crossing over for his second try of the day. From here, The Hinckley School continued to press their advantage, with no time left on the clock Oliver completed his hat-trick and in doing so secured a
25-5 win for The Hinckley School in their first game of 2024.

Full-Time Score: The Hinckley School 25 - 5 Lutterworth High School

The match was a testament to the skill and sportsmanship of both teams, leaving the fans on the edge of their seats until the final whistle. Man of the Match honours were shared across all the boys after the game for their efforts. Well done team!

A quote from the Team Captain…
“I loved today. It has been my best day at this school. From getting on the mini-bus to making my first tackle, it has been amazing. When I was asked to captain this year, I was worried as I had never played before, but all my teammates were there today with me and showed me what being part of a team is. Playing today was amazing, we had a team made up of players who play for clubs and players like me who have never played before. It was really good to be part of this and I hope more people come out and play with us next time! Please come and train on Thursday as we want to win.”
- Ahmed 
 A message from a very proud Mr Stocks & Mr Elvidge…
“We want to bring rugby back to The Hinckley School, like in days past. Today has marked our first step on the road to becoming National Champions again. On behalf of the entire team and coaching staff, I want to express our sincere gratitude to all parents for your unwavering support at the rugby fixture this weekend.
Your cheers from the side lines truly lifted the spirits of our players and created an electric atmosphere on the field. It was heart-warming to see such a strong community rallying behind our school rugby team. Your dedication to attending this event goes a long way in fostering a sense of unity and pride within our team. The positive impact of your support extends far beyond the playing field. It teaches our players valuable lessons about teamwork, dedication, and the importance of community. Your commitment to being there for our athletes not only enhances their experience but also contributes to the overall success of our sports program.”