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Round 1 Result: English School Cup

Year 8 Boys Football Team show strong commitment in a closely fought match 

Year 8 Boys Football     

Fixture: Round 1 English School Cup (home) vs Cardinal Wiseman
Monday 25
th September      

Score: Lost 2-1      
Hinckley Scorer: Kai

This was the first fixture in over a year for our Year 8 team and students dusted off their boots to face a strong opposition - Cardinal Wiseman. On home turf, our team showed great tenacity and commitment and made it to half-time with a score of 0-0. 

After half-time the team began to take more risks and press forwards with Kai scoring a wonderful strike, lobbing the keeper from the edge of the opponent's box. As our team pressed on for a late winner, we were unfortunately undone by the opposition's striker bursting through, with the game ending 2-1 to Cardinal Wiseman. 

Staff shared, "We are incredibly proud of the commitment shown by the team and their desire to improve. We look forward to our future fixtures." Well done to everyone who took part!