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Uniform in Hot Weather

A update regarding the wearing of shorts in hot weather 

We have received enquiries regarding the ability for students to wear shorts this week and would like to share information regarding these conversations to ensure our parent and carer community are well informed in advance of future hot weather spells.

Conversations with our uniform suppliers had already started regarding the ability to offer a smart/formal tailored black short for students to purchase and wear should they wish to in hot weather, however as this is not an item they currently have available and therefore due to stock availability and lead times, we were unable to implement this item in our stockists in time for this unprecedented September hot weather.

In response to parental and student feedback, moving forward our policy will reflect the ability for students to wear formal tailored knee length shorts during hot weather during the May– July term, or as communicated to parents/carers at other times of the year should the weather exceed 25 degrees, as experienced this week. We will work with our suppliers to find a suitable item to stock before the next spring/summer term and show imagery which allows parents and carers the freedom to source a suitable alternative from their own choice of retailer should they wish to. 

We would like to also reassure parents and carers that our standard procedure when temperatures exceed 25 degrees is for students to bring, but not wear their blazers, with staff encouraging students to keep hydrated and to wear short sleeve shirts. In these high temperatures staff can also take the decision to advise students that ties do not need to be worn during social times, also encouraging them to make use of water fountains and shaded areas.

We would like to thank parents, carers and students for their feedback and as outlined above we will now look to formally update our policy for the next academic year.

Thank you,

The Hinckley School